TeroMatec 500 – Wire Feeder

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Open ARC welding

The TeroMatec Process can be used for both
joining and coating applications, either for the
protective coating of new parts or the build-up and
repair of worn parts.
TeroMatec self-shielded electrodes are developed for
outdoor maintenance and repair without need for
protective gases or fluxes, using a wire-feeder and power
source. The continuous electrode concept is the reverse of the
coated manual electrode: The internal part of one being the
external part of the other.

Hard Facing Wire Feeder
• Engineered for semi-automatic welding
• with highest deposition rates
• No shielding gases required with TeroMatec cored wires
• Robust construction
• Portable for on-site applications
• Easy-to-use by semi-skilled operators


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