We primarily put the urgent and insisting customers’ requirements at the primacy of the list, because one of our priorities is to respond quickly and meet the needs of our customers to avoid as much loss as possible and not to cut off production at the facility. We can make a makeshift and prompt solution till the required part arrives, and this facilitates the production process and steers clear of any potential breakdown that might create apocalyptic consequences.
In instances of non-conformance with the design and specifications, we will work out the required arrangements to replace it with the right part. Also, in case of returns/exchanges, we will incur all the potential costs that might be needed to ship the part to the manufacturer.
With the right know-how and suitable equipment, turbochargers can be repaired to a new condition while saving valuable resources. As well as special tools for disassembly and assembly, and appropriate spare parts to achieve quality comparable to that of the new turbocharger.
1- Durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity
2- Permanent calibration brings high accuracy
3- Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface.

We have equipped our facilities in accordance with internationally approved standards and equipped with modern machines and tools that are professionally set for this type of qualified service. We represent a scalable dynamic and flexible approach to accommodate the rapid growth and constant change in the parameters of the engine’s maintenance services along with a qualified and trained team to meet the clients’ demands. We can work out all types of turbocharges’ problems and maintain an optimum level of recommendable condition for your machine. We could engrave our name among the great companies in the field of turbocharger maintenance and spare parts provision. The company has achieved recommendable success in the field of turbocharger maintenance MAN, ABB, Napier, and Mitsubishi, carrying out many types of maintenance for diesel engines, and spare parts provision.

Through our website scutter in the internet, you can browse our websites you will find in detail all the services we can offer you.

The repair shop is equipped with high quality from well-known equipment manufacturers with capabilities to do the following Jobs:

• Turbocharger Repair
• Engine Block Machining on-site
• Rotary Parts Balancing and Repairs.
• Spray Coating and Repair
• Spare Parts Supply
We carry out the test for heat and vibration loads to sort out weak electronic parts before being used in engine production.

we used ultraviolet with a magnet to go inside even the tiny cracks
Rebuild the eroded area with metal spray.

Machining the actual measurement
Moreover; all types of welding techniques maintain a good condition for your machine in order to maintain the best protection from combinations of corrosion, erosion, and abrasion. Including rebuilding dimensional tolerances, assembly re-alignment, incorporation of wear-faced surfaces, and exchange of spare parts can be done in some of our specialized facilities.

You can order easily using our online platform. Put the serial number of the desired product and go through the ordering process.
After the order is ready, you will receive an order summary in your email.
You can also contact us through our official email info@welding.ae for any other services you want.

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