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New formulation to reduce the risk of carbide dissolution. The combination of new carbides and new chemistry matrix generates a higher resilience of carbides to be dissolved and recrystallize in the Ni matrix. This Premium alloy enables higher amperages, faster deposition rates and as a consquence it reduces notably welding time without damaging the properties of the weld deposit. Keeping the carbides undissolved increases the abrasion wear resistance and reduces the brittleness of the matrix with the consequent increase of impact and cracking resistance. Specially formulated to keep a tougher matrix reinforced with better performance tungsten carbides. Weldability in all positions, including vertical down. The Ni matrix enables the alloy to be used in hot and/or corrosive environments.The tough weld microstructure is crack resistant. Double abrasion resistance compared to the the traditional composite Ni-WC wires available in the market.


Specifically developed for repair welding of parts, submited to high abrasion and moderate impact in hot and/or corrosive environments. Some examples of applications: 

  • Earthmoving: Dozer end-bit
  • Dredging: Bucket lips
  • Mining: Pipe bends
  • Cement: Bag packers screws
  • Wood panels: Fans, glue blender
  • Oil and gas: Stabilizers sleeves
  • Steel: Sinter fans, descaler
  • Waste to Energy: Burner, grate bar teeth
  • Petrochemical: Mixers
  • Pulp and Paper: Press screws

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