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With the CastoTIG 2801 – 2802 series, Castolin Eutectic offers TIG welding equipment with excellent ignition and welding properties for steel, stainless steel, nickel, nickel-based alloys, titanium, copper and all other conductive materials. The CastoTIG welding machines are also available in AC/DC versions for aluminium welding. CastoTIG welding equipment meets your expectations thanks to the wide range of applications, its optional automation interface and its top quality components, which guarantee perfect welding results.
Each CastoTIG 2801 – 2802 welding unit is fitted with an extremely efficient 200 kHz inverter 100 % Duty Cycle. Given its state-of-the-art components and intelligent energy management, Castolin Eutectic inverters convert virtually the whole supplied power into the arc. Given the high frequency pulsation within a range of up to 15,000 Hz, safe and uniform penetration is guaranteed whilst limiting the Heat Affected Zone. One further benefit is a stable and concentrated arc which rapidly creates the molten pool. The result is a time-saving positive effect in terms of CastoTIG welding unit power consumption. The built-in watercooling for the TIG torch is equipped with a rotary pump and includes an intelligent energy management.


  • Full power at 100% Duty Cycle.
  • Full colour sturdy screen – ergonomic readability.
  • Intuitive operation: Single button control.
  • Job memory: Up to 1000 jobs can be stored.
  • State-of-the-art inverter for energy-efficient TIG welding.
  • The all-rounder for multiple sectors – it even fits under your workbench.

Technical Data

TIG adjustment range
3 – 450 A
Duty Cycle (DC) with Imáx. (10 min) at 40 °C TIG
100 %
Welding current at 100% Duty Cycle at 40 °C TIG
450 A
Fuse (slow acting)
32 A
Protection class
IP 23
Power factor
0,98 cos phi
Mains voltage
3 x 400 V
Mains frequency
50 Hz
Torch control plug socket
19 poles
Weld cable socket
13 mm
Dimensions in mm (length x width x height)
855 x 600 x 900
82 kg

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