Your Guide to Hair Washing

first, you must know your hair type:

To ensure that you are washing your hair in a proper way, you must first know your hair type. The frequency of hair washing depends on the hair type, thickness, scalp oiliness, your lifestyle and personal preference. For example, it is a commonly known fact that hair, which leans towards the curlier and processed side can go wash-free for a long, but finer hair needs washing every other day. We emphasize the thickness of hair as oils in the scalp travel down easily in fine hair, but with dry and curly hair, it is the other way around.


 Lifestyle Plays a Major Role:

  • If you follow a strict fitness regime and work out daily, your hair would become greasy quickly due to the sweat that your body produces while exercising and for that, you’ll have to wash your hair afterward, in order to feel clean.
  • Weather conditions also play a role and in the Middle East, we face a few hottest summer months, which takes a toll on the hair. In such circumstances, one only wishes to wash hair daily, which is a brash decision, earnestly!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Haircare requires trial and error, once you build an apt hair care routine, your hair will become steady itself.
  • All hair types should focus on buying products that do not strip your hair of its natural oils, instead of balance out the oil according to your hair texture.
  • Washing your hair every other day or even after two to three days is the best decision, as it doesn’t dry out your scalp and keeps a good amount of essential nutrients in your locks as well.
  • Buy dry shampoos as they soak up excess oil and push your hair to go wash-free for an extended timeframe.
  • If you are still adamant about washing your hair daily, despite of the fact that it is damaging your hair, you must purchase gentle shampoos that are free from drying ingredients, particularly sulfate and alcohol as they tend to worsen the scalp condition even more.
  • Co-washing is one brilliant method to add moisture to your scalp. This treatment necessitates washing your hair with a conditioner rather than a shampoo. This is a brill for dry, coarse hair and many females swear by it.